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Oregon Hemp Seed For Sale

Oregon Watermelon cbd hemp seeds comes to us from one of our Oregon certified hemp farmers. Through careful selection and breeding practices we are glad to bring to you this super terpy extremely mold-resistant strain. The mold resistance we base this off first hand knowledge of a neighbor who’s entire crop was lost to mold while the Oregon Watermelon stood strong with bright green and purple hues with no mold to be found. These are some of the best Oregon hemp seed for sale.

Finishing time: Early October, large, branching growth structure with sweet candied watermelon aromas and large calyx flowers. Exuded rich flavors of ripe watermelon and roses. This astonishingly mold resistant strain granted us approximately 1 lb per plant. Best oregon hemp seed for sale.


Genetic Specification

  • Tested at 14.8% CBD
  • Zero Delta 9-THC %
  • 96% Germination Rate
  • 75-80% Feminization Rate
  • 28:1 CBD-THC Ratio

Oregon Watermelon has tested  between 13% – 30% CBD
Her approximate CBD:THC ration is 28:1
Germination Rates of 96%

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