CBD Hemp Seeds – The Definitive Guide To Purchasing Seeds in 2020

If you’re looking to get seeds planted during the season, this guide will help you learn more about finding high quality cbd hemp seeds, give you a better understanding of industry terms, and provide useful tips on purchasing seeds.

Understanding the COA

All seeds must be tested and the seller should give you a COA on request. Ideally, you’ll want to do your own 3rd party testing so you can confirm it’s authenticity. There are several 3rd party testing services including Green Leaf Lab and Evio Labs.

The two main sections of a COA are the delta 9-THC percent and the CBD percent. The higher the CBD percentage, the more CBD your plants will yield. A good number to aim for is 10-20% CBD with 10 being on the lower end and 20 on the high end.

 In order to remain USDA compliant for 2020 your Total THC percent MUST be under 0.3%. Failure to do could result in a major financial loss or even criminal charges if you above 0.5%.

The COA will also give you a list of other cannabinoids in the seeds including CBN, CBG, and more. This can give you an idea of how the synergistic properties of this cultivar will perform for you customers.

Image of certificate of analyiss of cbd strain
COA of our RX1 seeds showing that delta-9 THC is under legal limit.

Difference Between Feminized and Non-Femininized CBD Hemp Seeds

Feminized seeds are majority female plants and non-feminized seeds are 50-50 male-to-female ratio. The majority of hemp farmers prefer feminized seeds over non-feminized seeds because male plants will try to pollinate the female plants resulting in lower quality buds that have more seeds. By purchasing feminized cbd seeds, you won’t have to deal with this issue.

Image showing difference of male and female hemp plants

What Are High CBD Autoflower strains?

These plants will grow without any changes to the light cycle as opposed to regular cbd seeds. These seeds are usually more expensive as well.

What Is Considered A Stable CBD Strain?

You want to choose stable cbd genetics that have been tried and tested. That way you know what you’re getting and there won’t be surprises during growing season.

Stability largely depends on the variability and predictability of offsprings from the parent generation. CBD hemp seeds with stability will have low variability and high predictability.

Why is Mold Resistance Important?

Different hemp strains have unique properties when it comes to dealing with molds including botrytis, powdrey mildew, and more. Several factors including bud density, environmental conditions, and selection of parents used to produce the seeds is important. By choosing seeds that are known to be extremely mold resistant, you protect your crops from further damage. For growers in humid climates, mold resistance is especially important and deserves serious consideration.

Image of mold resistant cbd hemp seeds

Germination in CBD Hemp Seeds

Germination refers to the ability of the seeds to sprout. When purchasing seeds, you’ll see germination listed as a percent. For example, a 98% germination rate on a 1000 seeds will produce 980 plants. Here’s an example of a germination report from our Auto Pilot 1.0 seeds:

Image of report of germination on cbd hemp seeds

Read more: How to maximize your CBD yields by germinating hemp seeds properly


Terpenes are what give your hemp plants that unique aroma. They also play a major role in creating the full range of therapeutic effects from hemp.  Different seed strains will provide its own unique terpenes with individual effects. For instance, hemp has over 100 terpenes in existence. The main terpenes are:

 Myrcene – the most common terpene found in hemp plants that attributes to its distinct aroma and known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

 Limonene – 2nd most common terpene that has significant anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Pinene– used as a strong bronchodilator in herbal medicines.

Linalool – best known for its stress reducing effects

Caryophyllene –used in treating anxiety, depression, and inflammation.

 Humulene – which helps with nausea and increases appetite.

Together these terpenes create an “entourage effect” by working together to create a synergistic  experience.

Image of terpenes in cbd hemp seeds


In hemp plants, trichomes are those little crystals that cover the buds. They function as a strong defense mechanism against insects, harmful UV rays, and fungal growth. When trichome heads start to change color, it signifies that the plant is at peak ripeness and ready for harvest.

If you’re growing hemp for CBD flower, then choosing genetics with great trichome characteristics is particularly vital. Trichomes help give your buds similar visual characteristics to cannabis buds.

Image of trichomes in cbd hemp seeds

CBD Yield

Yield refers to lbs per acre. For example, if you’re planting 6000 seeds per acre and you’re getting half a pound per plant, then you’ll yield approximately 3000 lbs per acre. Yield varies depending on seed genetics so you’ll want to look at previous yields from past seasons to get an idea of what you can expect.

Image of field of new sprouted cbd hemp seeds

How Much Are CBD Hemp Seed Prices?

Depends on the volume of seeds you’re looking to purchase, the cbd percent of the strain, and if they’re feminized vs non-feminized.

Prices will also vary due to the popularity of the cbd strain and consumer demands. For feminized seeds, the price will be around the $1 mark for most seed breeders.

Is it legal to ship CBD hemp seeds in the mail?

Cbd hemp seeds are regularly shipped in the mail to most locations without any issues. It is perfectly normal and legal to receive your seeds through the mail.

Image of truck illustration

So where can I buy CBD hemp seeds safely?

We definitely recommend working with more reputable companies and getting some feedback from past customers. We do provide a few seed strains as well. Visit us here.

Editor’s note: This article was updated on 12/17/2019

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