Eclipse - Feminized/USDA Compliant

Early to mid-finishing photo showing improved calyx stacking structure. Lineage comes from vastly improved 9th generation in-house selective breeding.

  • 100% Feminization Rate
  • 13-16% CBD w/ compliant Total THC
  • Heavy yielding
  • Fast Growing
  • Mold/mildew resistant
  • Ideal for Machine Trim
  • Low leaf-to-flower ratio
  • Cherry-like Terpenes

Rocket Fuel- Feminized/USDA Compliant

Early to mid finish photo dependent (”rocket fuel”): product of 10 generations of in-house selective breeding. Heavy yielding and fast growing, mold/mildew resistant, ideal structure for machine trimming with a low leaf-to-flower ratio, cherry-like terpene profile, able to carry her weight.

  • 100% Feminization Rate
  • 17-19% CBD
  • Under 0.3% Total THC

Auto Rocket - Feminized/Autoflowering

Early to mid finish photo dependent (”Auto Rocket”): September finish (Oregon/California), uniform, extremely loud terpene profile (skunk/cheesy), mold/mildew resistant, able to carry her weight.

  • Autoflowering/Feminized strain
  • 92% Germination
  • Heavy Yielding
  • Fast Growing
  • Ideal structure for machine trim Low Leaf-to-Flower ratio
  • 11-13% CBD with less than 0.5% Total THC

Gmax CBG

She is a new addition and has shown real promise in production. Current seed stock is undergoing field trials so look for this new addition soon!

  • 18-21% CBG and under 0.2% Total THC
  • Fully Feminized
  • CBG dominant with some CBD.
  • “Trainwreck”-like terpene profile.
  • Mold/mildew resistant, mid-finish, able to carry her weight.

Oregon Watermelon - Non-Feminized

Oregon Watermelon cbd hemp seeds comes to us from one of our Oregon certified farmers. Through careful selection and breeding practice we are glad to bring you this super terpy, extremely mold-resistant strain.

  • Tested at 14.8% CBD
  • Zero Delta 9-THC %
  • 96% Germination Rate
  • 75-80% Feminization Rate
  • 28:1 CBD-THC Ratio

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