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Liquid Mellow

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We are cbd hemp seed breeders who create high yielding CBD cultivars with our unique strains. All of our strains have a high feminization/germination rate. We produce only truly organic feminized cbd hemp seeds in our greenhouses. No heavy metals or solvents used. .

High CBD Yield

Heavy Yielding, Fast Growing

9th Generation Cultivars, Farm Proven Genetics, High Germination

AC/DC x Harley Quinn Cherry

Try Our Eclipse Strain

98% Feminization Rate using only truly organic methods. This strain is testing around 13-16% CBD and has a gassy flower terpene profile. With a strong calayx structure this strain is ideal for machine trim with a low leaf-to-flower ratio.

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Liquid Mellow

Our Gassy Rocket Fuel Strain

Early to mid finish photo dependent (”rocket fuel”): product of 10 generations of in-house selective breeding. Heavy yielding and fast growing, mold/mildew resistant, ideal structure for machine trimming with a low leaf-to-flower ratio, cherry-ike terpene profile, able to carry her weight.

  • 97%+ Feminization Rate
  • 94% Germination Rate


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