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Delta 10 Distillate Available For Wholesale

We offer lab grade Delta 10 distillate in purity between 65-80% Delta 10 making it one of the most strong on the market while still staying compliant and under the legal limit for Delta 9 THC.

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Delta 10 Wholesale


  • Handling: Delta 10 (D10) distillate is a thick, translucent amber to reddish-brown oil that requires controlled heat to make it workable
  • Consumption: Consume as a smokable extract or formulate into products
  • Psychoactivity: This product may be psychoactive and should not be taken while driving
  • Suggested Dose: 25 mg but may vary (First-time users should take minimum dose)
  • Onset & Duration of Product Effects: Inhaled = 5-15 min Duration = 2-4 hours | Consumed = 30 min-90 min Duration = 4-6 hours
  • Δ10 THC Concentration: 65-80% D10
  • Δ9 THC Content: Non detect or under legal limit
  • Crystallization: Does not crystallize
  • Origin Material: Hemp-derived
  • Terpenes: May be added upon request
  • Packaging: Smaller sizes/quantities shipped in retail packaging, bulk sizes shipped in mylar or bulk bags/containers



  • Sell the distillate as a grammed out retail packaged dab (let us terpene infuse for you; call to discuss)
  • Make smokable extracts like shatter and crumble
  • Add to CBD flower to make Delta 10 flower
  • Add to gummies
  • Make vape carts (have the distillate formulated with terpenes & sent cart ready; call to discuss)
  • Delta 10 pre-rolls (don’t forget to buy your trim)
  • Make Delta 10 capsules
  • Combine with MCT to make a D10 tincture
  • Add D8, CBN, CBG to create custom blends & set your products apart (chat with our product development expert; call to discuss)


When ordering our products, we offer four servicing options. Smaller consumer sizes/quantities products are shipped in retail packaging ready for resale or consumption. Larger orders default ship in bulk packaging unless otherwise requested. We also offer private and white label services for those wanting to carry products branded under their company name.

The following is a more detailed breakdown private and white labeling:


Your product(s) will arrive ready for retail with your complete branding. Whether you already have an established brand or are looking for help with design, we are able to effectively and efficiently guide you through the process.

When you private label with us, you become one of our partnering companies. To all our partners we offer full compliance support and work with you to help stay current on regulations  This is our most popular and streamlined option.


Your product(s) will arrive in containers suitable for resale without labeling. You will be able to add your own labeling or sell as is. We offer competitive rates on our white labeling and can offer a wide variety of packaging options for large orders.

States  that Prohibit the Sale of Delta 10

Delta 10 is illegal in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Utah, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, and Rhode Island.

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Delta 10 Wholesale