Lemon Octane CBG Hybrid Hemp Seeds

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Lemon Octane CBD/CBG Hybrid

Lemon Octane is a unique and rare cross between Lemon Snow CBG and Bubba Kush. Taking the best traits of these two selections, this hybrid is compliant for hemp cultivation producing a plant with high CBG and CBD contents. Phenotypical expression varies but CBG and CBD contents are consistently high at 10-12% CBG and up to 12% CBD in every inflorescence,

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Genetic Specifications

Feminization – 99%

Germination – 95%+

Indica/Sativa Ratio

100% indica


Strong, fresh aroma and taste of earthy citrus with a kush- familiar dank reminiscent of the Bubba Kush male parent.

Original Hybrid

Lemon Snow CBG X Bubba Kush


Medium to large-sized, spreading plants to 2.5m tall, 2m wide with an open, strong branching structure allowing light pene- tration and flower development on the lower and inner inflorescences. Leaves have wide leaflets inconsistent with coarsely

Days to Harvest – Outdoor

Harvest mid-October, 8-10 weeks in flower, 900gm/plant, up to 2.5m in height

Days to Harvest – Indoor

450 gm/plant, 55-60 days to finish flowering


Lemon Octane is easy to grow with excellent pest and disease resistance especially against fungal afflictions. Plants in vegetative growth develop strong branch-es quickly. Light to no de-leafing is all that’s necessary for maximum yields.

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