Hong Kong CBD Hemp Seeds

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Hong Kong CBD Hemp

The Hong Kong is a cbd hemp improved selection from stock plants originally grown by GenCanna in Kentucky. This is a workhorse strain with consistent medium to heavy yields and high resistance to pests and diseases.

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Genetic Specifications

Feminization – 99%

Germination – 95%+


Indica/Sativa Ratio

50% indica: 50% sativa

CBD Ratio

THC Ratio 24-32:1


A distinctive aroma of pine, lemongrass, spicy, and a slight muskiness. Flavors of pine, spicy lemon, and herbal are dominant

Original Hybrid

Haleigh’s Hope (a high CBD strain developed by Jason Cranford of the Flowering HOPE Foundation from Colorado named after a 4-year old with cerebral palsy and epilepsy).


Medium-sized, spreading plants to 1.5 m tall, 1.5 wide with an open branching structure allowing light penetration and flower development on the lower inflorescences. Leaves are generally smaller often with rounded, coarsely toothed leaflet margins.

Days to Harvest – Outdoor

Harvest early to late October, 10-12 weeks in flower, 450 gm or more/plant.

Days to Harvest – Indoor

450 gm or more/plant, 55-70 days to finish flowering



Some susceptibility to Leaf Spot fungi has been recorded especially under high humidity and during periods of extensive rain. The HK is an ideal strain producing high quality flower and as a dependable source of high CBD-rich biomass.

Outdoor and under light deprivation greenhouse conditions, the HK produces 1 – 1.5m tall by 1.5m wide strong branched, shrubby bushes with dense inflorescences often with a slight purple tinge of the inflorescence bracts, stems and petioles. .

Our selection of the Hong Kong is an easy to grow strain for all types of cultivations and cultivators; indoor, outdoor, and in a light deprivation greenhouse. It is quick to grow vegetative plant with great response to adequate fertilization. It is adapted for direct seeded or transplanted starts in agricultural applications. De-leafing is often not needed as the plant produces an open morphology allowing good light and air penetration into the interior of the plant and good development of lower and inner inflorescences.

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