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Our proprietary Macronutrient products in both Liquid and Dry formulations, as well as Inorganic (salt-based) and Organic, are developed to maximize the health of your plants during both the Vegetative (Grow) and Bloom (Flower) stages of growth. Plant Life’s macronutrients are an all-in-one, fully loaded nutrient delivery solution, complete with all essential Secondary nutrients and complemented by a beneficial array of chelated Micronutrients. All Plant Life Solutions are produced specifically for top-shelf crops that demand superior Macro and Micronutrients ingredients to ensure optimum nutrient availability and reduced waste.

JADE | GROW 20-5-10

Jade Grow  20-5-10 promotes strong structural integrity and healthy foliage during the plant’s vegetative phase. Along with Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium, our formula includes all Secondary nutrients, as well as an array of chelated Micronutrients to ensure quick and efficient nutrient uptake and a healthy stand of plants.

Available sizes: 25 lb. bags

as low as $1.78/lb.

AGATE | GROW 30-5-15

Agate Outdoor 30-5-15 is your fully-loaded nutrient formula. Agate utilizes Stabilized Nitrogen Technology (SNT), that includes Urease inhibitors to reduce volatilization as well as Nitrification inhibitors to prevent leaching for 30% increased Nitrogen efficacy.

Available sizes: 25 lb. bags

as low as $1.62/lb.

BERYL | BLOOM 0-15-45

Beryl Outdoor 0-15-45 is the ideal complement to Agate for your outdoor crops. Beryl’s high Potassium compounded with elevated levels of Sulfur will help increase stress tolerance, terpene production and fuel flower growth.

Available sizes: 25 lb. bags

as low as $1.70/lb

Essential Supplements and Bio-Stimulants

AMBER | 0-0-16

Amber Seedling & Clone is a unique blend of Mycorrhizae, Beneficial Bacteria, Trichoderma, Humates, North Atlantic Seaweed Extract (SWE) and Dextrose that may increase a plant’s root mass for better nutrient absorption, helping to increase yields and plant vigor.

Available sizes: 10 & 25 lb. bags

as low as $30.83/lb.

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