Maximize Your Hemp CBD Yield Per Acre

Trying to work out how much the ROI on your hemp crop isn’t as easy as many people may believe. There are a bunch of variables that can all affect how much hemp CBD yield per acre, including the type of hemp you plant, the quality of the seeds or clones, compliance, labor costs, environmental factors, processing, and much more.

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According to the Hemp Raw Marketplace, prices can vary wildly, with some growers recording prices as low as $10 per pound and others up to $500 per pound. While we would all love to be seeing returns as high as $500 per pound, there are several different factors that will all contribute to what your hemp CBD yield per acre is.

Different Factors Which Can Influence the ROI of Hemp or CBD Yield

If you are growing hemp for CBD, there are two main forms that this can take, smokable hemp flower and extracted CBD. The type of hemp you are growing plays a large role in the expected yield, with hemp grown for CBD requiring extra attention.

  • Hemp Crop Compliance – Hemp must always have a THC level lower than 0.3% THC. If you exceed that threshold, then your hemp plants run the risk of being reclassified as marijuana plants. While hemp grown for cloth or fiber has little risk of exceeding 0.3% THC, hemp crops grown for CBD use must be strictly monitored. It’s tempting to push back the harvest date to increase the final yield, but hemp which exceeds 0.3% THC must be destroyed.
  • Hemp Processing Procedures – You have several options when it comes to post-harvest processing, all of which depend on what you are extracting from the CBD. Basic crude oil from hemp can usually net about one pound of crude per-five foot hemp plant. The current average prices for hemp crude oil are approximately $20,000 per acre, but further refining (distilled crude oil) can achieve even higher prices. However, processing equipment can be expensive and require a high initial investment.
  • Hemp Genetics – The genetics of your hemp plants play a significant role in the final ROI of your hemp crop. While not as important for fiber or grain crops, genetics are vital for CBD crops. The genetics that produces higher CBD percentages and lowers THC percentages are often the most valued for CBD hemp crops. This is where investing in premium hemp seeds comes into play.
  • Supply Versus Demand for Hemp – Another factor that you need to carefully consider is supply versus demand which can play a large role in the final price you will achieve for your hemp crop or CBD oil. There are several factors that contribute to an oversaturation of the market, including better than average growing conditions, an abundance of hemp coming to market at the same time, insufficient hemp processing facilities, or a struggling economy that could negatively influence the hemp industry. When any of these conditions combine or become too overwhelming, it can cause hemp buyers to cancel contracts or pull out of deals, leaving a glut of hemp or CBD oil on the market.

All of these factors can influence the final ROI and hemp CBD yield per acre and, like any agricultural crop, lead to uncertainty. The best idea is to contact hemp breeder as soon as possible to determine what the market for your hemp will be. This advice will often lead you to make more educated decisions about how much hemp to plant, what type of hemp seeds you should plant, and whether you should invest in more equipment such as processing equipment.

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Maximize Your Hemp CBD Yield Per Acre – Conclusion

When it comes to maximizing your ROI or increasing the CBD oil yield from your hemp crop, it all starts with great hemp seeds. If you have been looking for premium hemp seeds, then look no further than Liquid Mellow.

We stock a wide variety of different hemp seeds, perfect for anyone that’s considering getting into commercial hemp farming. If you have any questions about what the right type of hemp seeds for you are, our professional and friendly team are will only be so happy to help.

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