The First Co-Op: Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative Association

What is the Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative Association, and why is it so important?

The Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative Association is a wholly member-owned corporation that was founded to provide assistance, information, education, and resources to partner members that are attempting to cultivate, process, or sell industrial hemp plants and crops.

First incorporated in 1994, the Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative Association’s goal is to uphold a tradition of legal and profitable hemp production in the state of Kentucky. The original Kentucky hemp was first established during World War 2 when hemp was used for the production of vital military supplies, including textiles, oils, and cordage for naval vessels and airplanes.

Hand holding cbd hemp plants

After the allies secured victory in 1945, poorly designed and loosely applied federal anti-cannabis laws which targeted marijuana abusers contributed to the extremely fast decline of America’s hemp industry. Laws designed to target those abusing marijuana quickly and effectively destroyed the hemp industry and many farmers who had been supporting the war effort through their hemp crops. The first attempt at an organization dedicated to supporting hemp farmers in Kentucky disbanded soon after.

It was during a national resurgence of hemp during the 90s that the re-formation and re-incorporation of the Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative Association.

Following the 2013 US Farm Bill and 2018 US Farm Bills, the hemp plant has seen a huge resurgence on the back of CBD products, with almost all cannabidiol (CBD) sourced from industrial hemp plants. The Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative Association strongly believes that the hemp industry should be stabilized to maintain a strong, robust, and equitable market of the production of industrial hemp in the United States.

Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative Association

The purpose of the Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative Association is to promote agricultural and economic enrichment through increasing the income of Kentucky farmers through the following:

  • The foundation and establishment of programs marketing premium, high-quality industrial fiber hemp and hemp seeds.
  • To provide their members with Certified hemp seed varieties to suit specific contract applications.
  • To increase the availability of premium high-quality hemp seeds available to its members through the Cooperative.
  • To collect and disseminate educational and technological material which relates to the production of industrial hemp.
  • Implementing and managing a strict quality control program for the growth of industrial hemp plants in Kentucky.
  • To promote the profitable use of hemp as a primary resource in the production of food, fuel, fiber, and pulp.
  • To cooperate with other associations and organizations which are dedicated to industrial hemp while promoting the production and marketing of true Kentucky hemp.
  • To ensure that all members abide by state and federal guidelines for the production and marketing of legal industrial hemp.


If you’re interested in growing any industrial hemp in Kentucky, the first place you want to start is with the Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative Association. They have the resources and support that you’ll need to give yourself the best chance at success. For any information regarding hemp clones or growing hemp needs, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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