How Much CBD Oil From One Plant?

One of the most commonly asked questions from any potential hemp farmer is how much CBD oil you’re going to get out of a single hemp plant. It makes it a lot easier to know how much CBD oil you’re going to get depending on how many hemp plants you have growing. However, it’s not the easiest question to answer, but we’ll do our best!

Another factor that you need to consider is your extraction method. Depending on what type of extraction process you use, you may get more or less CBD oil at the end of your harvest.

How Much CBD Oil Can Be Extracted from a Hemp Plant?

The average amount of CBD oil you can expect from one hemp plant is approximately one pound of unrefined CBD oil or crude CBD oil. This oil can then be further refined or even distilled into different products.

If you planted approximately one acre of hemp plants, you could expect to yield about 1,500 pounds of hemp flower and then extract about 200 pounds of crude hemp oil with an average price of $300 per kilogram. Based on average returns for 2020, you could earn approximately $27,300 from an acre of hemp.

Depending on what the end product is, the amount of CBD oil you extract will decrease. For example, if you’re producing CBD isolate, you would get a yield of approximately 140 pounds per acre, or broad-spectrum CBD distillate, you’d get about 160 pounds per acre. If you just want crude oil, you’ll end up with a more finished product, but the price will be lower than more refined CBD oil products.

Amount of Hemp Plants Per Acre

When you grow hemp plants for the purpose of extracting CBD oil, you only need female plants. Only the female plants flower and the hemp flowers and trichomes contain the highest amounts of CBD, making it the most cost-effective way to extract CBD. If you’re growing hemp plants for CBD oil, you could plant approximately 2,500 hemp plants per acre.

However, all of these numbers are only estimating. There are a variety of different factors which can all influence how many hemp plants you can plant per acre and also how much CBD oil you’ll get from your processed hemp plants.

Some of these factors include:

  • The quality of the plant, including the quality of hemp seeds you use and also the length of your cultivation cycle.
  • What type of extraction method you choose to use (hydrocarbon, carbon dioxide, or ethanol).
  • The efficiency of your operations, including your processes, soils, farming methods, and staff experience.

As your hemp business grows and you become more efficient, you’ll most likely be able to dramatically increase your production and productivity as you become more familiar with the process of growing and processing hemp for CBD oil.

How Much CBD Oil From One Plant? – Conclusion

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