Hemp Storage: How to Handle Post-Harvest Crops Efficiently and Safely

What’s the best way to handle your post-harvest hemp storage?

There is no denying that the hemp industry is big business. Over the last decade, hemp crops have increased rapidly throughout North America, but has the storage of hemp kept up with the rest of the industry?

You put a lot of love, care, and attention into each of the different growing stages of your hemp plants, but without the correct post-harvest techniques, all that care and hard work could be going to waste. However, there are quite a lot of variables that you need to consider before you look at your post-harvest hemp storage.

After harvest, hemp plants are susceptible to various risks, including pests, temperature, humidity, weather, and ultraviolet light. However, your hemp plants’ two biggest risks are mold caused by humidity and moisture and ultra-violet light. This caused by improper hemp storage.

Huge hang drying hemp storage facility

How you handle hemp and for how long you store them will directly affect the degradation of the cannabinoids in the plant. The last thing that anyone wants to see is their hemp crop degrade to the point where it has to be destroyed, or it’s returned, or rejected by the client.

Climate-controlled storage facilities are the single most effective way to ensure that your hemp crop is stored safely. Controlling the airflow and humidity inside the storage facility is essential to ensure that hemp plants don’t develop mold. Consistently monitoring humidity and looking for signs of moisture throughout your storage facility is a continuous and vital task that has to be undertaken like clockwork. It only takes one mold spore to contaminate and ruins hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of product.

Proper display of hemp storage in supersacks

Proper hemp care is vital to the continued quality of the hemp product, but great storage begins with great harvesting and pre-storage handling of your hemp plants. Train harvesting staff to be on the lookout for any signs of mold or contamination before storage is a great way to ensure that no contaminated material enters your storage facility.

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